Wednesday, 17 October 2007

William Pratt and Sarah Ann Saddington of Appleby Magna, Leicestershire

In Loving Memory of
Sarah Ann
Wife of William Pratt Saddington
Who Passed Away Dec. 8 1921
Aged 71 Years
Also of William Pratt Saddington
Who Passed Away March 5 1928
Aged 88 Years

[This memorial was difficult to read and photograph, because the majority of the lead lettering had fallen off, and the lower steps of the memorial had been covered over by grass.]

William Pratt Saddington was born in Appleby Magna, LEI in the March quarter of 1841, the son of William Saddington, a maltster, and his wife, Elizabeth (nee Pratt). He appears to have had one brother, Thomas Pratt, born in the December quarter of 1838.

In the 1851 census, William the father is described as a maltster and bricklayer, employing two labourers. In 1861, William is just a maltster again, and his sons are described as maltster's sons. By 1871, Elizabeth has died and William is described as the owner and farmer of 20 acres. Both his sons are described as brickmakers.

On 19 February 1878, William Pratt Saddington married Sarah Anne Harrison in the Parish Church at Appleby Magna. William P was described as a butcher, while his father was described as a maltster. He claims to be 35 years old [should be 37] and she is 27 years old.

William P and Sarah Ann's first child, Elizabeth Pratt, was christened on Christmas Day 1878 in the Parish Church. Their second child, Lilian Kate, was born in the June quarter of 1880. Her birth must have taken place around the time of her grandfather's death, as William Saddington the elder died intestate on 17 May 1880 in Appleby. William P was granted administration of his father's Personal Estate on 20 November 1880, and is described in the National Probate Calendar as a butcher.

In 1881, William P is described as a butcher. His next child, Eleanor Harrison, was born in January 1882. John William Pratt Saddington followed in the Spring of 1884, and Mary in the Summer of 1885. Tom Harrison Saddington was born in the Spring of 1888, and William P and Sarah Ann's last child, Vincent Charles, was born in the Autumn of 1889.

In 1891, William P is described as a butcher and farmer, and the family is living in Overstreet, Appleby Magna. Tragedy then strikes the family with the death of Eleanor Harrison Saddington in December 1892; her burial taking place on 30 December 1892.

In 1901, William P is described as a farmer and butcher. Of his daughters, Elizabeth Pratt is living in Muston, LEI, managing a dairy, Lilian Kate is in Bulkington, WAR, working as a ladies help, and Mary is at home with her parents. Of his sons, John William Pratt is living in Lambeth, London, working as a clerk and the other two, Tom and Vincent, are at home with their parents.

On 8 December 1921, Sarah Ann Saddington dies at her home, Bateman House, in Appleby Magna. Her will is probated on 28 June 1922 by her husband, William P, who is described as a farmer, and her Estate amounts to £215 2s 8d. She is buried in the cemetery over the road from the Parish Church.

On 5 March 1929, William Pratt Saddington dies at Appleby Magna. His will is probated on 15 January 1930 by his three sons, John William Pratt and Tom Harrison, civil servants, and Vincent Charles, school master. His Estate amounts to £942 13s 1d. He is buried in the same grave as his wife, Sarah Ann.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Saddington graves at Appleby Magna, Leicestershire

Yesterday, my parents and I went to Appleby Magna in Leicestershire to see what could be found in the way of Saddington graves. According to the records, Saddingtons lived and died in Appleby Magna for around 200 years, although there are none living there now.

Our first stop was the Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels. It is a charming place with box pews and a gallery, but in need of some restoration. Unfortunately, there were no memorials or other references to Saddingtons within the church, not even on the Roll of Honour.

Outside, we were somewhat dismayed to find that the churchyard had been cleared and that the majority of the gravestones had been laid flat around the perimeter of the church. However, we did manage to find three Saddington gravestones and both recorded the inscriptions and took photographs. The most recent of these stones was dated 1869.

Over the road from the church is the small local cemetery, well kept and still in use. Here we had more luck, locating seven Saddington graves. These were also recorded and photographed. However, these graves commenced in 1905, which leaves a period of about 35 years unaccounted for. I do not yet know when the churchyard was closed and the cemetery opened, so am unsure which location holds the burials for these missing years.

The ten graves located contained a total of 21 Saddingtons, and the inscriptions mentioned a total of 25 Saddingtons, including husbands and parents of the deceased.

My intention is to use the inscriptions and photographs of the gravestones as a basis for posts on that particular section of the Saddington family in Appleby Magna. Please note that the clarity of the photographs will depend very much on the age and condition of the gravestones themselves.