Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Saddingtons of Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire

Apologies for my general failure to post over the past couple of months - life has been somewhat busy in the run-up to Christmas. Although this will be a shortish post, I do have more in-depth posts in the pipeline for the New Year.

The Saddingtons of Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire, consisted of a single nuclear family.

The father of the family was John Saddington, born around 1808ish in Foxton, Leicestershire, according to the various censuses. There is a christening on 30 April 1806 at Foxton for a John Saddington, illegitimate son of Elizabeth Saddington, which might be relevant, but further research needs to be done on this.

The mother of the family was Frances, born around 1808 in Billesdon, Leicestershire, also according to the censuses. There was a marriage between a John Saddington and a Frances Barsby on 10 April 1832 at the Parish Church of St Margaret, Leicester, which also might be relevant, but which also requires further research.

John and Frances Saddington are known to have had six children, five of whom are known to have survived at least into their teenage years.

These were John, baptised 9 February 1834 at Houghton, Thomas, baptised 22 May 1836 at Houghton, Frances, baptised 10 September 1837 at Houghton, Daniel, baptised 31 January 1841 at Houghton, Emma, baptised 7 April 1850 at Houghton, and Elizabeth, baptised 7 November 1852 at Houghton.

John and Thomas both make their last known appearance with the family in the 1851 census, aged 17 and 15 respectively. They were both enumerated as farm servants. Further research needs to be done to discover what happened to these two.

A death reference for Daniel Saddington in the Billesdon Registration District (which covers Houghton on the Hill) in the March quarter of 1841 indicates that Daniel did not long survive his baptism; Daniel being an uncommon name amongst the various Saddington families, and therefore easier to track down.

All three of John and Frances' daughters are known to have married, although more is known about the eldest daughter than the other two.

The eldest, Frances, married Reuben Mayfield on 5 May 1857 at Houghton on the Hill. However, there is evidence to suggest that they had jumped the gun slightly. Also occurring on 5 May 1857 is the baptism of Henry Mayfield, son of Reuben Mayfield and Frances Mayfield late Saddington. Reuben is described as being a labourer of Ashby Folville, Leicestershire.

It is unclear whether Henry was known as Mayfield or Saddington. Certainly he does not appear with his mother and his two younger siblings, Emma and William, on the 1861 census, when they were shown staying with John and Frances Saddington at Houghton on the Hill. Neither is he with his father, Reuben, at the family home in Barsby, Leicestershire. There is a birth reference for a Henry Saddington born in the Billesdon Registration District in the September quarter of 1856, and a death reference for a Henry Mayfield in the Melton Mowbray Registration District (which includes both Ashby Folville and Barsby) in the March quarter of 1858. As usual, more research is needed.

Frances the younger did not have a long life. Although I have yet to find the family on the 1871 census, Reuben remarried in the March quarter of 1877 to a lady called Sarah Beadle from Barsby, possibly a widow as she had a daughter of her own according to the 1881 census. There is a possible death reference for Frances in the Melton Mowbray Registration District in the September quarter of 1871, but it gives the deceased's age as 23, which is about 10 years out. This could be a mistranscription, and requires checking in the Barsby parish registers.

The second daughter, Emma, married Thomas Allen, a labourer from Houghton, on 20 May 1872 at Houghton. The witnesses were her father, John, and her sister, Elizabeth.

The youngest daughter, Elizabeth, married William Fox, a gardener from Burton Overy, Leicestershire, on 18 April 1876 at Houghton. Her father was one of the witnesses.

John and Frances lived on in Houghton for the rest of their long lives. Frances died in the June quarter of 1890, aged 83. Her husband,John, lived on until the September quarter of 1894, dying at the age of 88, having spent all his working life as an agricultural or farm labourer.

If you are related to this branch of the Saddington family, I would be delighted to hear from you.