Thursday, 10 January 2008

Saddingtons in the Navy - ADM/188

Following on from my August 2007 post entitled "Herbert was a bad lad!", this post contains basic details of the other Saddingtons whose Naval records can be found in under ADM/188 at The National Archives (see Documents Online). They are listed in order of their ADM/188 number. I would eventually like to post on each one in more detail.

Sidney Edward Saddington - born 25 September 1866 at Dulwich, Surrey - former occupation was Groom - joined the Navy on 9 September 1887 for a 12 year term - invalided to Chatham on 6 June 1889 - Naval No. 142601 - ADM/188/200

James George Saddington - born 24 May 1881 at Fulham, London - former occupation was Wood Cutter - joined the Navy on 24 May 1899 for a 12 year term - appears to have joined the Royal Naval Reserve on 26 August 1905 - reenrolled 8 October 1910 to serve to 25 August 1915 - appears to have served throughout World War One and to have finally been demobilised on 6 June 1921 - Naval No. 194046 and/or 305957 - ADM/188/334

Ernest Joseph Saddington - born 16 September 1878 at Clerkenwell, London - former occupation was Carpenter - joined the Navy on 7 September 1917 for the duration of hostilities (World War One) - last date mentioned is 1 April 1918 - Naval No. F37388 - formerly Royal Naval Voluntary Reserve Y17783 - ADM/188/629

Charles Reginald Saddington - born 27 December 1900 at Birmingham, Warwickshire - former occupation was Turner - joined the Navy on 27 December 1918 for 4 plus 4 years - appears to have transferred to the RAF - Naval No. F47012 - ADM/188/639

William Saddington - born 25 March 1899 at Barking, Essex - former occupation was Platelayer - joined the Navy on 25 March 1917 for a term of 12 years - invalided to Chatham on 20 October 1926 - Naval No. J33652 - ADM/188/714

Thomas Saddington - born 3 March 1895 at Canning Town, Essex - former occupation was Seaman - joined the Navy on 6 July 1915 for the duration of hostilities - demobilised on 24 March 1919 - Naval No. J42064 and/or 381785 - ADM/188/731

Frederick Henry Saddington - born 5 July 1895 at Birmingham, Warwickshire - former occupation was Factory Labourer - joined the Navy on 17 November 1915 for the duration of hostilities - demobilised on 24 February 1919 - Naval No. J46623 and/or 329157 - ADM/188/740

John Saddington - born 4 September 1891 at Bow, London - former occupation was Iron and Brass Moulder - joined the Navy on 6 September 1909 for a term of 12 years - invalided on 3 March 1920 - Naval No. K4206 - ADM/188/875

John Frederick Saddington - born 15 January 1895 at Battersea, London - former occupation was Shop Porter - joined the Navy on 15 January 1913 for a term of 12 years - last date mentioned is 6 April 1917 - is reported to have deserted from the Royal Navy and joined the Canadian Forces - Naval No. K17493 - ADM/188/901

David Saddington - born 13 June 1892 at Custom House, West Ham, Essex - former occupation was Dock Labourer - joined the Navy on 17 November 1915 for the duration of hostilities - demobilised on 18 March 1919 - Naval No. K29209 and/or 146150 - ADM/188/925

Fred Sadington - born 11 June 1899 at Leeds, Yorkshire - former occupation was Miner - joined the Navy on 10 August 1917 for the duration of hostilities - demobilised on 25 April 1919 - Naval No. K44996 and/or 256254 - ADM/188/956

Harry Saddington - born on 22 August 1894 at Leicester - former occupation was Farm Servant - joined the Navy on 1 October 1912 for 5 plus 7 years - demobilised on 23 August 1919 - joined the RFR (?) on 24 August 1919 - demobilised on 6 June 1921 - Naval No. SS112928 and/or 364422 - ADM/188/1118

Robert Edward Saddington - born on 10 April 1902 at Margate, Kent - former occupation was Builders Labourer - joined the Navy on 6 January 1921 for 5 plus 7 years - demobilised 5 October 1938 - Naval No. SS125678 - ADM/188/1131

If any of these seagoing gentlemen belong to your branch of the Saddington family, I would be delighted to hear from you and to share information with you.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year! - Blog Update

Here's wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! May it be an improvement on the last year in every way conceivable - more peaceful, healthier, and so on and so forth. On the family history front, I hope that you all find the relevant sledge hammers for your individual brick walls.

I felt that today would be a suitable time to review the Saddington One Name Study, this blog and the Saddington DNA Project, and to set myself some objectives for 2008.

The Saddington One Name Study has only been official since 2006, but I feel that significant progress has been made over this last year with the help of this blog. Like most of you, family history has to take its place alongside work, study and my commitments to my own family, so research and the inputting of information into the database has to be done as and when.

This blog has been running now for six and a half months, in which time there have been 1006 page loads, 446 unique visitors and 65 returning visitors. As might be expected, the majority (84.58%) of those visitors have come from the UK. But 6.25% are from the USA, 4.79% from Australia and 1.25% from New Zealand. The remaining visitors came from Germany, Canada, Argentina, Jamaica, Poland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ireland, Japan and Malaysia. Not bad for a blog dedicated to a very minority interest!

I have written 24 posts in that time, an average of 3.69 posts per month. As a result, I have been contacted by a number of people with Saddington connections, and have provided information and suggestions for research as appropriate, as well as receiving valuable information on a number of branches of the family.

The newest element of the Saddington One Name Study is the Saddington DNA Project, which now has two members. One member is the senior representative of my own branch of the Saddington family, and will be the initial guideline for the Foxton/Market Harborough Saddingtons. The other member is based in the USA and I believe that he may be a descendant of the Appleby Magna Saddingtons. All interested parties are invited to contact me via email (

So, for 2008, the aim is an average of 4 posts per month from me, and also attempting to get the piles of information that I already have input into the Saddington ONS database. From you, I would be grateful for more comments and feedback, either on the blog or via email. This would help me to improve the content of the blog, which will hopefully attract the attention of your second cousin twice removed, who you haven't seen or heard of in 40 years :-)

All the best,