Monday, 18 August 2008

Special Offer on DNA Tests

Just a quick post to let you know that I have had an email from FamilyTreeDNA to say that they are doing special offers on Project DNA Tests until the end of August.

For example, a 37 marker Y-DNA test, which is the test which I would recommend as providing the most useful amount of information at the moment, is $119 instead of $189. That equates to about £63.80 instead of about £101.38.

In addition to that, the Saddington DNA Project also has about $18 in its General Fund, which I can allocate towards the cost of a test. This is thanks to a kind donation from a Saddington descendant. I am afraid that it will be first come, first served as far as this is concerned.

If you are interested, please visit the Saddington DNA Project, read through the information, and then send me an email at to see if there is still money in the General Fund.

If there is, I will sort out allocating it to you. If not, and you still want to play, then we will take it from there. Also, please let me know where your Saddingtons are from, so that I can slot you into the right place in the jigsaw.

Please note that, in order to participate, you will either need to be a male Saddington or, if you are a female Saddington, have a male Saddington willing to take the test on behalf of your branch of the family.

I shall have limited access to the Internet from Wednesday 27 to Sunday 31 August, so if you do want to participate, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Pettit - Saddington Marriage - 22 May 1899

This marriage certificate comes to you courtesy of Shelagh Mason's Eastry Registration District Marriage Challenge.

The marriage took place at St Leonard's Parish Church, Deal, Kent as follows:

No. 459
May 22nd 1899

James Thomas Pettit, 22, Bachelor, Seaman R.N., Royal Naval Barracks, Sheerness, Charles George Pettit, Cooper

Rose Amy Alice Saddington, 20, Spinster, -, 181 Middle Street, Deal, Charles Saddington, Licensed Victualler

The marriage took place after banns, and the ceremony was taken by Alfred Butler.

Both the bride and groom signed their names.

The witnesses were: Thomas Burgess, Edwin Cowin Pettit, Lucy Charlotte Norris and Edith May Sutton

Just to add a little to the picture, this Saddington family had moved quite a way from their roots. Looking at the 1881 census, when the family were living at 100 Clark Street, London, it shows that Charles, the head of the household, was a 35 year old engineer's labourer from Cranford, Northamptonshire. His wife, Louisa, also 35, was born in Marylebone, Middlesex, as was his eldest daughter, Louisa Isabell. His second daughter, Ada Jane M., was born in St Pancras, MDX, and Rose Amy Alice was born in Stepney, MDX. [RG11/474, Folio 20, Page 33]

There were a number of Saddington families living in Cranford St Andrew and Cranford St John, Northamptonshire, and they will get a post of their own in due course.

If this family belongs on your family tree, please get in touch.

And just to let you know, I passed both the exams that I sat in June!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Trio of Saddington Marriages

As the following three marriage certificates have all landed on my desk from different people in the last couple of days, I thought that I would just post them all together in the hope that someone might find them of use.

The first one comes courtesy of the bride's great great grandson, who descends from the Saddingtons of Harringworth, Northants.

No. 266
May 29th 1853
Parish Church, Oakham, Rutland
George Gore, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, Oakham, George Gore, Labourer
Mary Saddington, 19, Spinster, -, Oakham, Joseph Saddington, Labourer
After Banns
x George Gore His mark
Mary Saddington
Witnesses: William Love, Ann Saddington

The second certificate comes courtesy of Terry Silcock and the Marylebone Marriage Challenge.

No. 185
1st Dec 1862
Holy Trinity, Marylebone, London
Samuel Saddington, full age, Widower, Coachman, Williams Street, Samuel Saddington, Coachman (Deceased)
Jane Matthews, full age, Spinster, -, Trinity District, William Matthews, Labourer
After Banns
Samuel Saddington
Jane Matthews
Witnesses: Edward Speller, Dinah Cheshire Rea

The third certificate comes courtesy of Peter Copsey and the Lambeth Marriage Challenge.

No. 422
26th December 1898
St Barnabas, Kennington, London
Robert Saddington, 22, Bachelor, Carman, 43 Simpson Street, Charles Saddington (dec), Bricklayer
Louisa Snewing, 21, Spinster, -, 43 Simpson Street, Joseph Snewing, Labourer
After Banns
Robert Saddington
Louisa Snewing
Witnesses: Phoebe Smith, Edward Smith

If any of these happy couples belongs to your family, please let me know.