Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Saddingtons of Rochers Head, Bradfield, Yorkshire

This post relates to a family that I am still researching and is being posted in the hopes of connecting with a family member.

The first Saddington of Rochers Head was Joseph Saddington, son of Samuel Saddington and Mary Milbourne, born in Tansor, Northamptonshire circa 1843. How and why he made his way to the Sheffield area is as yet unknown.

In the December quarter of 1870, Joseph married Lucy Ann Earnshaw in the Wortley Registration District, and later that same quarter, she gave birth to their first son, John Albert. They went on to have 11 children in total.

Samuel Ernest arrived in 1873, followed by Joseph William in 1875. Florence Ann showed up in 1876, and Lucy Ann in 1878. Then Catherine Mary was born in 1880.

The 1881 census showed Joseph and Lucy Ann living at Smallfield, Rotchers Head, Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was a farmer of 200 acres. Their eldest son, John Albert, was living with his uncle, John Earnshaw, at Fair House, Bradfield, but the other five children were at home with their parents.

The family continued to grow. Percy was born in 1883, followed by Clara Elizabeth in 1885 and Elsie Emma in 1887. Then Louisa Ellen came along in 1890.

The 1891 census showed Joseph and Lucy Ann at Rocher Head, Bradfield, with nine of their then ten children. Lucy Ann the younger is not with the family. Joseph was still a farmer.

Edith came along in 1892 to finish off the family, but unfortunately died later the same year.

The surviving children of the family married one by one, and started producing their own families. John Albert married Lily Earnshaw, and Joseph William married Clara Haigh probably on the same day in 1898.

The 1901 census shows Joseph living at Rotcher Head with five of the children. Lucy Ann has gone to stay with her aunt, Ann Holbrook, at Cross House, Bradfield, where Lucy Ann the younger is working as housekeeper. John Albert is at Cross Cottage, Bradfield, with his wife and two small children, working as a stone cutter. Joseph William is at Fir Tree Farm, Thurgoland, with his wife and son, working as a carter and farmer.

Lucy Ann the younger married William Bramhall in 1905, and Florence Ann married Benjamin Roebuck in 1908. Clara Elizabeth married Alfred Andrews in 1909 and Samuel Ernest married Rachel Barnes in 1915. Louisa Ellen married James Heywood Staniforth in 1917.

Catherine Mary is believed to have married a Mr Binder, but no marriage has yet been found. Elsie Emma is known to have died a spinster, and it is believed that Percy never married.

Joseph Saddington died on 8 May 1928, described as being "of Rocher Edge Bradfield near Sheffield". He didn't leave a will and administration was granted to his sons, Samuel Ernest and Joseph William, both farmers. His estate amounted to £767 12s 1d, which would have been worth £141,951.43 in 2007, based on average earnings.

His wife, Lucy Ann, died on 17 December 1929, described as being "of Rocher Head, Bradfield, Yorkshire". She didn't leave a will either, and in March 1930, administration was granted to her son, Samuel Ernest Saddington, farmer. Her estate amounted to £712 13s 4d, which would have been worth £132,397.74 in 2007, based on average earnings.

If this family of Saddingtons belongs to you, please get in touch.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Wanted! - Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Smith) Saddington of Great Bowden, LEI

This post is a continuation from my post of 24 December 2007 in which I listed the descendants of my great grandparents, John Jonathan and Jane (nee Hewlett) Saddington in the hope of locating previously unknown members of the family. As a result of that post, I am now in contact with 2 new cousins.

Today's post relates to the descendants of John Jonathan's eldest brother, Thomas, and his wife, Elizabeth(nee Smith). Thomas was born in Great Bowden, Leicestershire in 1830, and was baptised in the Parish Church on 13 September that year. He followed his father's trade of blacksmith all his life.

On 31 August 1854, he married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith, a labourer, at the Parish Church in Great Bowden. According to the parish records, they had 10 children.

Their eldest daughter, Mary Rosina, was baptised on 25 December 1854 at Great Bowden. Mary Rosina married Benjamin Croshaw, an engine driver, on 18 April 1878 at Great Bowden. The couple went on to have six children, Thomas Saddington (1879), Joseph Benjamin (1880), Constance Daisy (1882), Clara Mabel (1885), Horace Albert Victor (1887) and Nelly Rosina (1893) - most of whom were born in Netherfield, Notts.

Thomas and Elizabeth's second child was a son, John Charles, born in 1856 at Great Bowden. He married Mary Christiana Jane Howitt in the June quarter of 1880 in the Barton Regis Registration District. John and Mary had nine, possibly ten, children - Charles John (1881), Thomas William (1883), Frederick (1886), Constance May (1888), Lilian Mary (1890), George (1893), John Leonard (1894), Harry (1897), Nellie Elizabeth (1900) and possibly Arthur, for whom I have no dates.

Child number 3 was Thomas, born in 1858 at Great Bowden. He married Elizabeth Coe on 25 December 1880 at Great Bowden. I can find no record of this couple after the 1881 census, but believe that they may have emigrated to the USA.

The fourth child was Joseph, born in Great Bowden in 1861. He married Sarah Susan Peake at Foxton Parish Church on 16 October 1884. This couple only had three children: Thomas (1885), Elizabeth (1887) and John (1890).

Child number 5 was Elizabeth, born in 1863 at Great Bowden. She married George William Marshall, a brakesman, on 25 December 1883 at Great Bowden, and moved with him to Netherfield, Notts, where they had four known children - George (1885), William (1886), Percival (1888) and Elizabeth (1893).

The sixth child was Sarah, born in 1866 at Great Bowden. Sarah married John Henry Bassett, a fireman on the railway, on 2 September 1889 at Great Bowden, and also moved to Netherfield, Notts, where they had three known children - Constance Lilian (1890), John Henry (1894) and Ivy Irene (1896).

Child number 7 was Florence, born in 1868 at Great Bowden. She married Frederick Fortnum, a butcher, on 26 December 1887 at Great Bowden. Florence and Frederick went on to have nine children, most of whom were born in Market Harborough. The children were Frederick Ernest (1888), William Henry (1890), Florence Maud (1892), Herbert Leonard (1894), Nellie (1897), Archie (1900), Emily (1902), Elizabeth Constance (1908) and Thomas Sidney (1910).

Thomas and Elizabeth's eighth and ninth children were Emily Ann (1870) and Ellen (1872), both in Great Bowden. Neither Emily nor Ellen ever married, and they are buried together in the Great Bowden Cemetery, not far from their parents.

Child number 10 was Constance, born in Great Bowden in 1874. Constance married Arthur Richards, a joiner, on 29 October 1896 at Great Bowden, and then moved to Carlton, Notts, where the couple had two known children - Herbert Arthur (1898) and George (1900).

Thomas Saddington died on 8 May 1901, and was buried on 13 May 1901 in the Great Bowden Cemetery, just down the road from the Parish Church. His wife, Elizabeth, died on 21 May 1914, and was buried with him on 25 May 1914.

If you are descended from any of these people, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Saddington - Walton Marriage - 24 April 1905

This post comes to you courtesy of Joan Rowbottom and her Barrow upon Soar Marriage Challenge.

The marriage took place in the Parish Church of St Mary, Queniborough, Leicestershire.

No. 218
24th April 1905
Joseph Edward Saddington, 27, Bachelor, Labourer, Queniborough, Edward Saddington (deceased), Labourer
Mary Alice Walton, 22, Spinster, -, Queniborough, Alfred William Walton, Parish Clerk
After banns, by T H Austin, Vicar

Both the bride and groom signed the register.

The witnesses were Ernest Saddington and Annie Walton.

And now for a little background information. On checking my records, I found a Joseph Edward Saddington born in the Grantham Registration District in the December quarter of 1877 (Vol 7a, Page 499), which corresponds with the groom's age at marriage.

I then checked the 1881 census for a Joseph Saddington, son of Edward, on the basis that people often didn't use their middle names. FamilySearch provided me with the family of Edward and Mary Ann Saddington, living at Scutchel, Saltby, Leicestershire (RG11/3185, Folio 46, Page 6). I am reasonably certain that this is the correct Joseph Edward Saddington in both instances for the following reasons.

Firstly, the family of Edward and Mary Ann Saddington in the 1881 census comprises the married couple themselves (aged 41 and 40 respectively) and the following children: William (11), James (10), John (7), Emma (5), Joseph (3) and Ernest (1). One of the witnesses at the wedding was an Ernest Saddington.

Secondly, all of the children present in the 1881 census were born in Wyville, Lincolnshire, which happens to fall into the Grantham Registration District. [Edward was born in Market Overton, Rutland, and Mary Ann was born in Saltby, Leicestershire.]

Naturally, further research is required to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. However, if this branch of the Saddingtons appears on your family tree, please do get in touch.