Sunday, 23 December 2007

Wanted! - Descendants of John Jonathan and Jane (nee Hewlett) Saddington

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the lack of posts this month. Full-time job, part-time study, family commitments and getting ready for Christmas have all got in the way of research and posting.

Secondly, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of successful research. If there is anyone out there who is planning to attend the Family History Conference at University of Essex, Colchester at the end of August 2008, let me know and we can arrange to meet up.

Now to the post itself. Following the creation of the Saddington DNA Project last month, I am now looking for direct male line Saddingtons from my own Saddington family tree. The ideal is to test two distant males from each tree to validate the common ancestor. So my current plan is to work backwards through the generations in the hope of finding distant Saddingtons in my own tree that will agree to be tested.

John Jonathan Saddington (1831-1912) and his wife, Jane Hewlett (1839-1899) are my 2x great grandparents. They had 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters. Of these, 4 sons and 4 daughters had children. For some reason, my line lost touch with the majority of the rest, so what I am hoping is that descendants of the other children may have kept more in touch.

So, taking the children from the top, here goes:

Elizabeth Ann (1861-1912) married Simeon Cundy, and had three children: Elizabeth Clara (1893), Simeon (1894) and Jenny Louisa (1897). Elizabeth married Len Woods, Simeon married Nellie Pamplin and Jenny married Cecil Roberts.

John George (1862-1928) married Bessie Allen, and had five children: George Henry (1893), Winifred (1896), Frank Alan (1898-1905), John Philip (1905-1934) and Maisie. George married Mary Elizabeth Price.

Clara Jane (1864-1950) married Robert Henry Whitaker, and had four children: Robert Henry Hewlett (1891), Thomas John (1893), Clara Elizabeth (1895) and Grace Jane (1899). Robert married Ruby Florence Lane, Thomas married Mabel Bentley, Clara married Harold Higginbottom, and Grace married Harold Turnbull.

Joseph Walter (1866-?) is believed to have married, but to have died without issue.

John (1868-1947) married Mercy Simpson, and had nine children: John Charles (1892-1901), Elsa Mabel Grace (1893), William Edwin (1894), Elizabeth Amelia and Sarah Jane (1897-1897), Mercy Gwendoline (1898-1902), Robert Crispin (1899-1899), Lilian Blanche (1900), and Frederick Archibald (1905). Elsa Mabel Grace married (1) Thomas Anthoney and (2) Henry Cowland, Lilian Blanche married Philip Marshal Hall. William Edwin married, but his wife's name is as yet unknown.

Albert Edward (1872-1949) married Rosa Crush, and had five children: Albert E (1895), John (1896), William T (1899), Constance (1901) and Clara (1909-1926). Constance married a Mr Bailey.

William James (1874-1973) married Emma Leonard, and they were my great grandparents.

Sarah Jane (1877-1906) married John Thomas Moore, and died without issue.

Grace Maud (1879-1921) married Alexander Brown, and had three children: Alec (1908), Cyril (1909) and Peter Kinnear (1914).

Mabel Gertrude (1883-?) married David Brown, and had two children: David (1909) and Mabel (1915).

So, if any of these names are familiar to you, do please get in touch - there's no such thing as too many relatives!